"Osteopathic treatments are aimed not only at relieving discomfort but, just as importantly, at helping the body function better by releasing accumulated stress and strains. The body's own self-healing and self-regulating abilities are assisted, ideally to a point where the body can maintain itself in a state of health without assistance from an osteopath."

- Arnaud Marguin, Osteopath

Arnaud Marguin, DO MSc, graduated from Geneva Osteopathy School in 2006 and obtained his GOsC accreditation in 2014.   He is a founding partner of the “Cabinet d’Ostéopathie SMO” in Paris (est. 2006) and founded the “Cabinet d’Ostéopathie du Mont Blanc” in Geneva in 2010.  

The clinic is specialised in treating patients of all ages (including expecting mothers and newborns) that suffer from:

Working with the body structure through the manipulation of bones, ligaments and muscle tissue, each patient is offered a thorough examination and a personalized treatment plan, including home exercises, postural guidance and general health advice. Treatments used vary from structural techniques that ease joint discomfort and improves metabolism to craniosacral and visceral osteopathy that improve the energy balance of the body.  Kinesiotaping, neuromuscular therapy and other enhancements to traditional osteopathic methods are used to offer the best course of treatment.

Registered with all major insurance companies, MARGUIN OSTEOPATH offers a supportive and caring approach in a friendly yet professional environment.

The purpose of this website is to inform about Osteopathy and its treatment mechanisms, as well as the Osteopath, who wrote all of the website content.

All of the website content is redacted in a way that the General Public can understand all of the provided information.

This website does not host any type of advertisement and its development is funded by Arnaud Marguin, osteopath. 

International locations



Wilbraham Place Practice

9A, Wilbraham Place SW1X 9AE London

+44 (0)7 470 50 66 33




Cabinet d'Ostéopathie MARGUIN

9, rue du Regard, 75006 Paris

+33 (0)1 43 20 19 97




Cabinet d'Ostéopathie du Mont Blanc

13A Ch du Levant, 01210 Ferney-Voltaire

+33 (0)4 50 41 82 26