What we can do to treat your baby?

Cranial osteopathy for babies is the commonest application of cranial osteopathy. The gentle approach is riskless and helps release the strains following the birth.

In the practice you can book a post-natal check up for mother and newborn. Passing through the birth canal is stressful for the baby. The skull is made of 22 bones, which overlap and mould during this process.

On the other hand, babies born by caesarian section are more susceptible to ear, nose or throat infections than babies born by vaginal delivery.

This publication of May 2014 studied the best way to implant osteopathy in NICU, to reduce length of stay in hospital, gastrointestinal problems, improve cranial asymmetry, and clubfoot complications.

How osteopathy helps your baby?

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Treatment efficiency
  • Management of the treatment plan
  • Prevention


Feeding problems

This may occur when the head rotation is limited by a strain in the neck muscles. This strain can cause a moulding issue in the skull and the nerves of the tongue and lips can be affected.

The osteopath will relieve the strains using gentle techniques.

Postural problems and flat heads

All parents should observe their baby's neck movements to ensure they are comfortably able to look both ways and sleep with their head both ways. If not, bring the baby in for an osteopathic examination and treatment. (The sooner the better since babies are much easier to treat when they are weeks rather than months old). If the baby sleeps on only one side a flattening of the head (plagiocephaly) may occur.

Colic, wind, reflux and constipation

In most cases, the inconsolable crying for many hours is due to abdominal symptoms. During delivery the nerve to the stomach and diaphragm that lies at the base of the brain can be compressed, resulting in distortion of the diaphragm compromising the digestive system.

Osteopathic treatment is focused on releasing the compression on the nerves and the diaphragm. Parents report that cranial osteopathy often helps the babies to relax.

Glue ear

Fluids collecting in the eustachian tube cause glue ear. As the fluid collects it is not only a potential site for infection but audition can become affected.

The aim of osteopathic treatment is to drain the fluids throughout the face, throat, chest and neck.

Treatment depends very much on the individual patient but most children are given about 2-3 treatments and then monthly for 2-3 months and then once a year at the start of winter.

The potential side effects of an osteopathy treatment are the following : fatigue for a few days, in case of inflammation you can feel some joints pain and sore muscles.

A Marguin - March 15 2015