Kinesiology taping is a technique imported from Japan a few years ago. Its purpose is to relieve the pain, and to fix a pathology.


Research has proven that muscles are not only responsible for movement, but are as well vectors of blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.

Kinesiology taping is a really powerful tool to immobilize a joint, as well as being really efficient whilst the joint is in use (i.e. sportsmen use it during important tournaments). 

The K-Taping applications are wide. In September 2014, a publication studied its efficacy on a lymphedema of the upper extremity reduction after breast cancer treatment, and proved it to be very efficient ! Another publication, in July 2015, proved it to be efficient on medial ankle sprain.

It is a 24/7 treatment during the course of 4-5 days.

Your treatment with Marguin Osteopath

At MARGUIN OSTEOPATH  we will take a detailed history and perform clinical tests including osteopathic palpation to evaluate the state of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.  Taking under consideration your lifestyle and general condition, your osteopath will perform a treatment that will be individualised to address your specific symptoms as well as any underlying imbalances to minimise and eliminate your discomfort.

If, according to the information given, you need to be referred to further specialists or need to perform complementary exams, your osteopath will write you a referral letter and offer a range of gentle treatments such as energy techniques, cranial techniques or neuromuscular techniques to help you decrease your symptoms. 

Once we understand what causes the symptoms and what are the underlying contributing factors, we will work together to put a manageable regime (stretching, rebalancing and strengthening) in place.

The KTape protocoles can provoque an allergy in case of glue allergy. It is extremely rare but worth mentioning.

A Marguin - March 15 2015

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