Booking an appointment

Please call to book an appointment and leave a message on our answering machine if you can’t reach anybody. You will be called back. You can book an appointment online on



If you are in really acute pain, we will do our best to receive you within the day or refer you to another specialist.



Please give us a 24h notice to cancel to leave a free spot to other patients who need it.

Your first appointment

When you first visit the practice, we will collate a detailed case history about your present complaint, medical history and general health/lifestyle. Using this information and a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology you will be explained why the symptoms have presented themselves in the way that they have. A treatment plan and expected outcome will be discussed.

We will also examine and treat you.


Medical insurance

Many private health insurance policies provide cover for osteopathic treatment.  It may be possible to claim for a course of treatment but you should check in advance with your insurance company before seeking osteopathic treatment, in order to confirm the available level of cover and whether you will need to have a referral from your GP or a specialist.