What we can do to help you when you suffer from general problems?

 The percentage of complaints is the following at MARGUIN OSTEOPATH:

According to a publication from March 2014, manual joint manipulation on lateral ankle sprains improves significantly ankle range of motion.

Another publication in May 2014, studied that high velocity thrust techniques showed very efficient results on a patellofemoral pain syndrome on a knee.

How does osteopath help you?

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Treatment efficiency
  • Management of the treatment plan
  • Prevention

We can help you in your treatment if you suffer from:


  • Degenerative conditions – osteoarthritis
  • Structural problems – scoliosis
  • Neurological problems - nerve pain in arms or legs emanating from the low back or neck
  • Postural problems - aching muscles, ligamentous sprain, prolapsed discs, facet joint inflammation

Hip, knee and foot pain 

  • Degenerative conditions – osteoarthritis
  • Neurological problems - either locally or emanating from the low back
  • Postural problems - aching muscles, bursitis
  • Sporting injuries - meniscal and ligamentous damage

Shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand pain

  • Degenerative conditions - osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder
  • Structural problems - carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis
  • Postural problems - achy muscles
  • Neurological pain - either locally or emanating from the neck
  • Sporting injuries - tennis elbow, ligamentous or muscular damage

The potential side effects of an osteopathy treatment are the following : fatigue for a few days, in case of inflammation you can feel some joints pain and sore muscles.

A Marguin - March 15 2015