What osteopathy can do to treat plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome?

If there is restricted neck movement it can be treated immediately. Babies’ heads are soft. If a baby lies in the same position it will develop flat head syndrome. If there is a muscular restriction in the neck, the baby will always lie to the same side and may not feed the same on both breasts.

Signs that your baby may have plagiocephaly:

  • Baby only lies to one side when asleep and awake
  • Your baby’s head is tilted upwards when lying to the side
  • On turning the baby’s head from side to side, the shoulder lifts
  • When your baby is on its stomach the body goes into a banana shape
  • Your baby may also have feeding issues as latching or sucking can be a problem
  • Your baby may have a preference to use one hand

Assessment of flat head syndrome is important: the earlier the better! Before 6 months old, a plagiocephaly can be treated efficiently by osteopathy.

This publication in November 2011 showed the benefits to take from cranial osteopathy, to decrease cranial asymmetries.

The potential side effects of an osteopathy treatment are the following : fatigue for a few days, in case of inflammation you can feel some joints pain and sore muscles.

A Marguin - March 15 2015