What we recommend after labour:

We recommend an osteopathic check up for mother and baby if the labour has been very long or very rapid, or if the baby has been delivered using vacuum, forceps or caesarean section. This check-up is preferably done 2-3 weeks post delivery.

After the delivery your osteopath will check if the mother's pelvis has repositioned itself, and may also give specific exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. 

This can help prevent problems of incontinence, pain during sexual intercourse and back pain. We will also review feeding posture for the mother and give tips for sleeping, feeding routines etc. If necessary we can refer you to lactation specialists, or back to your doctor or health visitor.

Carrying and feeding the newborn causes back pain or neck pain because of the posture taken to do so. It is advisable to be treated as soon as possible to prevent a chronically painful condition.

How osteopathy helps your baby?

  • Neck pain treatment
  • Lower back pain treatment
  • Pelvic floor symptoms (urinary and gynaecologic)

The symptoms of a difficult labour or post-pregnancy:

Lower back pain

Caused by a weak pelvic floor (hip instability) and by lifting the baby often during the day. You will be taught how to do these different things without hurting yourself. Perinea rehabilitation is crucial 6 weeks after the birth.

Neck pain

Feeding the baby and carrying him/her all day can also cause neck pain. You will be taught different exercises to strengthen and stretch your neck muscles to make symptoms disappear.

Weak pelvic floor

During pregnancy and childbirth the pelvic floor becomes stretched due to the extra weight and delivery of the baby. This frequently results in weakness in the muscles. It may also be scarred due to tearing or an episiotomy given during childbirth.

The different symptoms that reveal a weak pelvic floor are:

  • Urinary stress incontinence, leaking urine when coughing, sneezing, running or lifting. This may occur during pregnancy as well as in the post-natal period.
  • Dull pain or dragging feeling in the pelvis, low back or under the buttocks, there may or may not be aching down the legs. This may be due to scarring or muscular weakness, it usually occurs in the evening when mothers are tired.
  • Pain or lack of pleasure during sexual intercourse, pain may be due to internal scarring and lack of pleasure may be due to the weakness in the vaginal walls.

The potential side effects of an osteopathy treatment are the following : fatigue for a few days, in case of inflammation you can feel some joints pain and sore muscles.

A Marguin - March 15 2015